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JBM Earthworks

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Services Provided

Here are some of the services we provide.
Please contact for more info, price quotes or anything else we might be able to help you with.

Erosion Control

Site Assessment and Septic System Install

Driveway and Culvert Installation

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Home: Our Services

New Home Site Preparation

Tree/Stump and Debris Removal

Lawn Rolling, Drainage and General Excavation

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Home: Our Services

Old Home/Building Demolition and Removal

Brush Mowing and Land Clearing

Rototilling (Gardens/New Lawns/Topsoil)

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Home: Our Services


With our constantly growing product inventory, there are many options to choose from when you decide to work with us.
Our success stems from our commitment to uphold the highest standards of excellence for every project we’re involved in.
We will follow all codes and bylaws and never take any shortcuts.
View our list of products here.


Drainage Stone

Driveway Gravel

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Our topsoil comes from premium farmland, rototilled to a smooth consistency and then screened to ensure the best quality lawn or garden every time.

Good drainage stone ranges in size from about one to two inches and has a variety of uses including french drains, foundation base, erosion control, weeping tile and landscaping.

Our driveway gravel is produced from varying stone sizes and colours and includes just enough dust for maximum compaction.

Recycled Asphalt

Pea Stone

Class A Gravel

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Recycled asphalt is produced by crushing and screening previously laid hot asphalt.  When spread and compacted on a solid base, it has many of the same advantages of paving but at a much lower cost.

Quality pea stone consists of small rounded stones,  It makes an excellent impact reduction material for around playgrounds and because of it's smooth finish and soft feel, it's great for walkways, dog runs, patios and a multitude of other projects.

Class A gravel is sometimes known as 3/4 minus and is basically crushed stone to 3/4 of an inch in size and smaller.  It will include all the fines produced during crushing right down to the dust.  This allows for superior compaction and binding.  It is used anywhere these characteristics are desired.  It makes very hard driveways and walkways and stays where you put it.

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JBM is proud to announce the addition of an ECO friendly hybrid excavator to the fleet!

Prince Edward Island is known as Canada's green province and JBM has decided do their part with some of the latest green technology from Komatsu.  This Hybrid excavator utilizes a unique diesel/electric combination power plant to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions by an unprecedented 40%!  These cost savings will be passed onto you, the consumer so by choosing JBM Earthworks for your heavy equipment needs, you'll not only save money, you'll save the environment too!

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About Our Company

As young boys growing up in the Tyne Valley area, brothers Ben and Jeff were digging in the dirt from the time they could walk.  It may have been Tonka toys back then but they took pride in their work and 30 years later that still holds true.  Sure, the equipment has changed a bit, but operating it is still as much fun now as it was back then.  Today though, it's a lot more that, it's a way to support their growing families and community and quite simply, it's a way of life.

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291 Bideford Road

Tyne Valley, PEI

C0B 2C0

Jeff MacLeod


Ben MacLeod


Dirt Construction Site
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